Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happiness & Peace

Saturday was our 40th anniversary.
I saw this saturday morning in Venice beach.
It made me really happy.
We started off our day with a coffee from
Intelligentsia. I am so happy that they opened
a store in california .

I saw this in Santa Monica on our way
to the movies . We saw " Get Low " . It 
was a perfect movie for us. We had lunch
at the Border Grill.  It was really good.
Our personal favorite food is anything south of
the border. We survived through college
on tortilla's , beans , cheese & guacamole.
I think it is amazing this is still our favorite food.
Peace was what I felt at the end of the 
day. It has never been easy for us , mostly 
because we are both temperamental artist.
When I have been asked how we have made it this
far , my answer is , marry your soul mate & best
friend . The secret of surviving
is we never wanted to give up at the same time.
One of us always wanted to save the relationship.
It really is all about love.


  1. happy anniversary, kathy... this is such a beautiful, happy post. thank you.... (i would've loved this day too : ) xo

  2. K
    I couldn'ta said it better

  3. Hey I love your blog. Lovely stitching and painting. I've had a bad back and haven't been able to work on the Beast Class but have learned so much by following it fro the future x

  4. Happy anniversary. Looks like you have been blessed with amazing skyscapes. May the next 40 years be as happy as the first xJ