Sunday, August 2, 2015

Dyeing Lac Today


I needed some pink/purple color for my new project .
Of course you never end up what you had envisioned  .
but that is ok .... i have learned to just go with the flow
when you are using natural dyes .

I hope to have something to show soon .
I have been busy going to San Francisco , Monterey & Santa Fe .
I have been home the last 2 weekends so i have been working  away .
i hope everyone has been having a " do what you want summer " .


  1. You really got beautiful color! Were you using extracts or casings? I think lac is deeper and more interesting many times than cochineal.

    1. it was ground up and i made it into a paste . the color is not as clear as cochineal . but i like it . will go good with the rest of my palette .