Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Journal

My friend lynne told me about a new product she found , the product is called Distress Crackle paint .
this was a beginning of a new journal.
I took left over arches 140 hard press and cut it into 4 strips
of paper 4 x 6 . I then painted the pages with different colors of the distress paint .I let it dry
and then painted it with the luminarte paints. I also rubbed it with the distress ink pads .
the more I played with this paint the more i liked it . I found layering different colors made a great effect. I then started collaging the pages and adding more distress paint . i really like how this page turned out . thanks lynne.
a page in my new journal that i have not used but i feel the page is finished.

these are before I put the pages together.
I used the distress crackle paint and luminarte paints.
the other side of the paper.


  1. i'm practically jumping up and down here, kathy!!! oh, i love this!!

    just looking at the close-up of the page with the egg on it, and it came to me how great the crackle paint would be painted in the shape of an egg... and the egg would look like it was cracking.

    thank you, thank you... i am smiling... : )

  2. thanks lynne ,
    i do love those paints.

  3. i love that stuff. can i have some?