Tuesday, June 2, 2009


This was my sky as i arrived home . I love clouds like this .... it reminds me of new mexico .

I took a drive to a bead store on saturday and found this church when i missed the entrance to the freeway . I have traveled around california my whole life but have never been to irwindale.
In the 1950's my family did the sunday drive , in the station wagon , see california thing. I remember a lot but i do not remember visiting this church or town . I just had to stop and take a photo. I thought this would be a good journal page.

I found this plaque that said this church has been here since 1917 .
Sometimes it is nice to miss a freeway entrance . This was a good surprise . It makes me realize maybe there is a lot more in california I have never seen .

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  1. i am always amazed when i see something that i never saw before. and this church -- isn't it something that it's just now popping into your vision?! how beautiful it is!!

    we used to take sunday rides in the station wagon too. i think it's a thing of the past now...

    have a beautiful week, kathy...