Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Steinhart Aquarium

This weekend  we went San Francisco
and had a great time. We spent some
time at the Steinhart . It was great
to see the new building . Of course the
jelly fish were incredible . I use to spent
a lot of time at the old Aquarium in
the sixty's and seventy's . It was a
great place to kill some time between
classes. And a great place to take Devon
when she was small.  My favorite was
 a manatee called " butterball ".
Well no more manatee but a still a lot
of wonderful sea life.
More jelly fish . I have never
seen these before .

These were so cool .
This railing is from the original Steinhart .
I was glad to see they saved these
sea horse's. And speaking
of sea horse's , they had
these " leafy dragons " that were
amazing . I was not able to take
a photo, it was not allowed.
Claude the albino alligator.
Everyone thought he was fake ,
then he moved . it was too funny.
This weekend was a great sucess
celebrating birthday's , new
houses and lots of great


  1. That first picture is amazing. Is that the real deal or a murial?

  2. those jelly fish are amazing! and that seahorse link you sent me is incredible! you should put a link to it on your blog! i am so glad you had such a great time...... but now do you need a vacation!
    miss you