Monday, February 22, 2010


Rowan and I got up early saturday 
morning to check out the new snow

Dan and I discovered when Rowan
was 6 months old that he loved snow.

cute dog !
I love the way the plants look with fresh snow.
By the end of the day the snow was melted.
                                        What a great art weekend . I finished
                                        some Alala paintings and worked in my journal.
                                        I came home refreshed and Rowan came
                                        home tuckered out .


  1. SNOW!!!!!!!!! you lucky woman! What a beautiful place you get to go to! Can't wait to see some of your new paintings!

    Wish you were here in PT with us playing in the studio..... we miss you..

  2. thank you andrea . i wish i was in your studio too!

  3. Ahh yeah, I feel refreshed just looking at your photos!
    love the animal in the snow, looks like it could be his homeland.

  4. thank you dan . yes i think that dog would love to live in snow .

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