Monday, March 22, 2010

Fort Funston

What a wonderful day 
at the beach on friday .
Warm & breezy.
Lots of my buddy's hanging out
in the ice plant .
I like it when they fluff up their feathers.
A new painting for my friend Steph & Tom
and baby Amos.


  1. Kathy that beach looks so inviting!!!! I LOVE your painting for Amos!!!! How special is that...... you are so amazing!

  2. great place to visit, and it seems the alalas
    follow you everywhere
    love the new painting
    ditto (Andrea)

  3. I found your blog through a random search. I liked what I saw and applaud you for starting an etsy store. I also love your birds. Your paintings are beautiful and colorful.

    I feature a new blog each day, and today (Mar 25) I will be featuring your blog. It is very inspirational, so I'm sure my blog followers will think so, too.

  4. thank you all so much .
    i really appreciate your comments.
    and thank you for featuring me on your
    blog. you have a nice blog.xxoo