Friday, June 18, 2010

Flora Grubb

Sunday we headed to Flora Grubb for
a little garden inspiration . Devon & Peter
are ready to tackle the outside of their
house. I went for the ride . Dan and Devon
went for ideas.
I thought this bike was pretty cool.
How about a wall of succulents ?
Lots of good oxygen in these
plants . This place is amazing.
I love these succulent boxes.
The colors were amazing .
Blooming plants everywhere .
I love this color.
More succulents
This was a free standing wall
of wooly pockets filled with plants.
Flying rockets filled with
succulents .Think I have 
a theme going on here.

I want one in each color .

If you are ever in San Francisco and love plants
this is a must visit . I feel lucky to have so many plant 
experts in my life . If it was left up to me I would never
know about these kind of wonderful places .
I am sooo not a gardener. I have traveled the world
with plant lovers and I feel so fortunate to have done so.
Without Dan , Micheal , Sam & Carrie I would not have
seen and visited all the wonderful gardens , private 
and public. I am glad I got over myself and let myself
enjoy their knowledge . I highly recommend getting
out of your comfort zone and letting someone be your guide.


  1. love those boxes!!!! did you get me one!


  2. I got you a whole wall of them !

  3. Ohhh tell me more about those succulent walls. I've had a cacti collection for ages, those looked really cool!