Wednesday, August 4, 2010


This summer I decided to take a little trip
and visit my artistic past life.
I started out with a natural dye class .
Then moved on to a class with Jude Hill
of Spirit Cloth.
Here are some photo's of my project.
This was made in the class called
Cloth to Cloth . I highly recommend
any of Jude's classes.
                                          I was trying to use the fabric to
                                          shade its self . I used some of the
                                          fabric I dyed ,
I also used fabric dyed by Glennis
More blue with a little gold.

This is how far I am on this
project. I am still having fun
with this version of Alala.
 Slow cloth is really relaxing.
NO hurry here .
On to the next class called " The Beast " .

                                           This is bert . He might be a little
                                            wild since he seems to be flying
                                            in 2 directions. I still have to
                                            embellish him. I will keep you
                                            posted , but i am already making
                                            a new beast.......


  1. Kathy those are awesome!!!! I love them! Keep em coming!

  2. oh my gosh, kathy, all of these are wonderful. so soulful... and bert seems like he's right on course to me, hee! i sure love the colors you're choosing... xo

  3. wow- really like what is going on with these. looks like you are really enjoying the process-

  4. thank you everyone . this has really been fun for
    me . a great lesson to be slow .