Monday, November 1, 2010

Dia de los Muertos

This is my most favorite weekend of the year.
My art group gets together to celebrate 
" the day of the dead ". We worked on
our shrines and ate wonderful food.
Tacos and squash soup .
This was my shrine this year.
This was sandys . We made more but my photo's
did not come out . If you look close you will see a heart
in the hand . I did make beads this week and we all recycled
the beads that didn't make the cut,  which turned out to be hearts .
The hearts that did make the cut are now in necklaces .


  1. oh! i am smiling!!!!!! look at all of those bones alala's standing on!! and the heart in the hand! is this one of the beads that didn't make the cut? wow. it's gorgeous...

    was thinking about you...


  2. Awesome work,
    I feel less dead already...

  3. lynne ... those hearts tips broke off . i got the end too thin . perfect for standing up on a flat end.
    thank you