Friday, December 31, 2010


Journey is the word or vision 
i have for 2011. it really is not
a new thing for me to do . journey
is my whole life . i  want to
conscientiously be aware of all
the choices of journeys i take 
this year. to incorporate and
infuse my art with my journeys.
i do believe that all is connected 
and lately my early years of art
are becoming connected to my
present day art. this year has
been a real journey to my past.
i have opened doors that i thought
were closed for ever. so it seems
really appropriate to continue 
letting the artistic past flow and
blend with my art of now.

Happy 2011

it may be that the satisfaction i need
depends on my going away , so that
when i've gone and come back , i'll
find it at home.

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  1. oh, this is a beautiful photograph and beautiful words, kathy... wishing you a peaceful and insightful journey, my friend... xoxo