Tuesday, December 14, 2010

San Francisco weekend

We spent the weekend in San francisco and 
had a great time . Saturday we went to the
de Young Museum . The show we saw was 
the Post-Impressionist Masterpieces from
the Musee d Orsay. We went late in the day
and when we walked out this is what I saw.
Our very own painting. I use to wonder where
they got their inspiration from and it is times
like this that I know.

Another great setting.

 War by Henri Rousseau

My favorite painting . As many times I have been 
to the Musee de Orsay , each time I am wowed by
a different artist. Maybe it is my mood or my age,
who knows, but my favorite painting always changes.
The colors in this painting were amazing .... and the subject
did not bother me .... in fact the clouds are what I loved.
I highly recommend this show . There is a great selection
of artists and their paintings . It gives you a good perspective
of each artist's work. That has to be my favorite thing about
Musee d 'Orsay , lots of paintings by the same artist.
If you are in San francisco treat yourself for christmas .

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  1. I want to go too! ,,,,,,
    Can I. Can I ,, can I ?....?