Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Photo of the Day

Spent 4 days in Tucson doing gem hunting. I had
a great time . Saturday night went to the opening
at Philabaum Glass Gallery . It was a wonderful
show and I purchased some great gifts. All in all
Tucson was great ,the number of people were down ,
but I enjoyed the elbow room at the different 
shows. I bought a lot of new silver and stones
I can't wait to see what I do with them. I 
need to get back on the torch and make beads
that go with those stones.
This was my 17th year going to Tucson . I am
never bored there . I highly recommend everyone
 going their once in their lifetime . No words
can describe the amazing things you see at all of the 
different shows . If gems and fossils are not your
thing , there is Saguaro National park.
Until next year .....


  1. Wow! I hope to get there one year! It's on the bucket list!

  2. oh! beautiful, kathy!! those beads in the foreground - are they glass? gorgeous!! xo

  3. yes glass beads at Philbaum" glass gallery.
    they had a great show sat. night . you would have
    loved it lynne.