Sunday, June 12, 2011

Photo of the Day

This was taken somewhere in LA on whilshire blvd.

Not much going on here but a lot of unfinished projects.
I need to complete something . I have my fingers in so 
many pies right now . Today I am going to try to finish 
some more "Alala " paintings . I might be able to get some 
beads made too... lets hope . It is still under a 100 here .
So it is not too hot in front of that kiln . I look forward 
to the summer because it traps me inside and I am able
to get some projects done . This is so opposite of most of
my friends that live in cooler parts of the country .
I hope everyone has a productive day or not .


  1. my favorite thing is that last sentence: "I hope everyone has a productive day or not."


    : )