Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Sun

This is a new sun in my new journal . I am calling
this new journal my " magic journey " . This is
my new project in fabric . I find it is easier for
me to put my ideas on paper . I can then pick and
choose what i do with the fabric.

This is the results of the drawing . I have not 
decided if I am going to add a face or not . 
Right now I am just making pieces of the 
puzzle . It actually feels good to not know where
I am going to end up . Doing this project is so 
" not me " . It will be interesting to see it all 
unravel . Stay tuned for more..........


  1. loving your direction! sun been on your mind lately!!!!!

  2. Hi there Kathy, I would leave the star/sun as it is, no face. Love your óther sun, with a face (june 30)I'm very curious about your journal ....

  3. a wonderful beginning on this magic diaries journey.