Monday, October 31, 2011

Dia los Muertos

This weekend was our annual " Dia los Muertos ".
This year was a little different because we started
2 months ago building the boxes with plaster . It 
has been a lot of fun to do this as a group .

This is  my sister sandy's dog shadow and her 
bird bj . She lost both of them this year .

This is millie . She has been a member of our art 
weekends since we started over 10 years ago .
She was our mascot and we lost her this year .
She is missed by all of us but mostly by her
mama Stephanie .

This is Sandy's shrine for shadow .

Last but not least , Sandy's shrine 
for Bj .

This weekend was one of best weekends we have
had for making altars . we do this to honor those of who we have lost.



  1. What a wonderful way to honor the loved and treasured. Beautiful shrines.

  2. WOW, kathy, just a big 'ol wow... these are fabulous


  3. these are amazing....... just amazing.......