Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Family Party

We had a wonderful party on saturday to 
welcome a soon to be new member of our 
clan . Devon hosted a bridal shower for her
cousin's fiancee . Jessica is a wonderful person
and we are all excited for her's and Charles wedding.


The theme was fiesta and it was totally 
a fiesta . The decorations were wonderful
and the food was fantastic . I have a very 
talented family .  I can't wait to see what
they come up for the wedding .

Beautiful flowers everywhere .

The tables were nice too with wonderful ceramic 
hearts made by my sister ( charles mom ) .
Like I said a very talented group that knows how
to throw a party . 35 people ... no problem .

This month is crazy .... everyone that is cold in 
the nw escapes to our house this month . I am 
trying to fit my dyeing and bead making in between
all of them . I have a pot brewing on the stove right 
now ......

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