Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weekend Drive

Oak Creek Canyon ... sometimes you just 
have to get out of town and get your head 
cleared . Sooo saturday morning we packed
up the car with food and headed out for 
higher ground . oh and we took the dog too.
We drove to Oak Creek Canyon and then Sedona .
We both could not remember the last time we were
here . 

A fountain in Sedona . I did not take any
photos of the mountains . Just did not feel 
like taking any . I guess because I have files
of photos of Sedona and do not need anymore.
Sedona is a busy place , last time we were here 
it was a sleepy little town .

We drove over the hill from Jerome and this is the
view from the top . Talk about a changed town ,
Jerome was a busy place , too busy . I think we will
go back there on a week day .

Then on to Prescott for the night . No
we did not stay here , maybe next time 
when we don't have rowan with us . We 
stayed at a "dog friendly hotel " . 


I love the kachina's all over the downtown
square .

Great lamp . This was huge .

Another shot of these wonderful lamps .

The next morning we headed down rt 89 .
Saw this on the road  and had to stop and 
take a photo . I love signs like this .

 A Sweet trailer sitting in the desert are a favorite too.

A rock house on the side of the road . 

It was a good trip . There is something about 
the southwest that soothes my soul . Next best 
would have been Santa Fe . I guess that will have to
wait till spring .



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  2. wow, thank you for the pics, kathy. i LOVE this area... as soon as i read 'oak creek canyon' i knew *exactly* which oak creek canyon you were referring to!! but jerome busy?! good grief, times have changed! i spent a couple of winters camping in the prescott area in the 80's; it was all a sleepy, wonderful place then.