Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thanksgiving and the Color Orange

Orange sunset 

Orange sunrise .

Orange tree.

Orange rose 

Orange Chihuly .

Orange tiger .

Orange Paris bunny .

Orange onion skin dyed fabric .

More Orange fabric .

Orange crayons .

Orange Paris dog .

Finally orange pumpkins for Thanksgiving . 

Today I was looking thru my photos for a
photo to post for Thanksgiving . I was 
surprised how many photos I had taken 
that were orange colored . Orange has never
been my favorite color . Maybe because I grew up 
with a mother that loved orange . I loved blue .
When I was in Paris this spring all I could think
about was how happy my mother would have been to 
see her favorite color all over the city .

I hope everyone has a wonderful 
orange Thanksgiving .



  1. happy thanksgiving to you, kathy...


  2. Oh, yummy orange! I would also say that orange isn't the first color I'd grab out of the crayon box, but that's not entirely true. Especially if I mix it with a little blue . . .
    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that the (orange) glow of the day continues.