Sunday, April 14, 2013

Joshua Tree

We drove to joshua tree this morning 
to enjoy the sunrise and the early morning
sun. It was a gift to me that my beloved raven 
was sitting on a joshua tree blossom . It was 
several years ago that this raven started 
me on my painting journey . i will take this as 
a good omen . thank you alala .

the joshua trees are all in bloom .
it is a totally amazing spring . it is suppose
to be the most flowers that they have seen
in a long time .

 I took photos of all the stages of the flower.

 the tree

the pods

the flowers 

a baby


some cactus flowers

 and a panoramic view.
oh a dog too.
it was a blessed day .
joshua tree is one of my 
power places . i always feel at 
peace here . everyone should experience
this park , it is amazing .


  1. It was a gift to me that my beloved raven
    was sitting on a joshua tree blossom .

    kathy, that was my very first thought on seeing the raven sitting on the joshua tree in my sidebar...

    such a beautiful place...


  2. love the panorama...
    thxs for a great morning...

  3. this is such strong magic, the raven on the Joshua Tree and that it was in flower, thank you for sharing!