Saturday, June 1, 2013

Something from the Dye Pot

Eucalyptus dyeing going on over here . I feel kinda 
of lost and confused but maybe that is a good thing .
I give up trying to figure out this process . I will 
have to collect more leaves and try it again . I do 
have India Flints book Eco Color , but I am learning 
challenged when it comes to reading " how to do it books ".
I am a hands on kinda of person . I am sure these will be useful 
in something I make but not what I had in mind .
I hope everyone has a good weekend .


  1. I didn't know eucalyptus could be used as a dye. I'm super curious! I think they look lovely.

  2. Hi, Kathy. I gotta get some eucalyptus leaves and try them out--they grow down the street, after all. Such interesting results all the same. By the way, congratulations for the grandbaby--being a grandma beats being a mother any day of the week!
    best from Tunisia,