Sunday, December 8, 2013

December Fun

i have been dyeing away . wool scarves dyed 
with brazilwood and over dyed with indigo .


logwood over dyed with indigo. indigo dyed and 
over dyed with more indigo .

the scarf in the middle is eucalyptus over dyed with indigo  .

it has been a busy 2 weeks . i am loving these scarves from
Christina Mauersbruger and her shop callled Hank & Spool.
her products and service are stellar .
this was my birthday weekend and i had a great time 
doing what ever i want . now to get ready for my
granddaughters first christmas .


  1. what a delicious array of colour!

  2. Loved seeing these beautiful scarfs. I too have some brazil wood shavings that I would like to dye with. Enjoyed seeing these, maybe it will spark me to get to experimenting. Thanks for posting.