Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pete Seeger

Pete Seeger has to be one of the greatest 
influences of my life . i discovered him when
i was about 13 years old . it was 1963 . i had never
heard music like that before .  it opened a whole new
world for me . woody guthrie , odetta , the weavers ,ramblin 
jack elliot , sonny terry & brownie mcghee . then it went to
joan baez & bob dylan . i even started playing the banjo for 
a few years . art won out over music lessons . 
then he turned me on to Peace and No War & ban the bomb .
he has never let me down . he truly was a hero of mine.
i will miss him but i will never forget him.
thanks pete !



  1. He was wonderful. I share your feelings - he was a remarkable human being.

    1. if we could all only live to his high standards !

  2. Oh Kathy, one of my favorites too. My father was so good at buying all the right records when we were growing up. Fare Thee Well My own true love was one of my favorites of his and ofcourse Little Boxes which i still sing a lot. One of America's best. Remember what he did for the Hudson River and that beautiful house he lived in overlooking it.

  3. hi kathy,

    i'm back home and catching up - sort of! thank you for this tribute to pete... he is truly one of my heroes.

    love you...

  4. For deep in my heart I do believe, we shall overcome some day.
    Hi Kathy I am late to your post. came bcz admire your sugar skull on what if today.
    Had to add how much I also loved Pete Seeger, a great brave beautiful human being.lindamorris in bc