Saturday, August 2, 2014

August Hot & Humid

It is our hot & humid part of the summer .
My least favorite weather . I will not travel 
anywhere that is having this kind of weather.
I have been busy working on my continued class
with Jude over at Spirit Cloth .

This  is my finished piece .
I am done for now .
on to making eyes .

this is fun .  weaving eyes .

Then there is the visit with leelee .
here she is sitting in devon's chair .
oh , her parents came too . they were
brave to come in the summer .
it was wonderful to have them here .


  1. wow, kathy - *all* of this!! your finished piece is wonderful. it looks like a *bunch* of stitching... the stitched eye is just a plain 'ol big WOW, and leelee! good grief! she's so big now! she could be in her office welcoming a client! if she were a counselor i would go to her for advice. : )


  2. love seeing the photo of the drippingly hot August day as I sit here shivering in front of the heater at 4:44am on the other side of the wide blue looking forward to a week of fun in the sun in just three more sleeps !

  3. What a perfectly perfect little girl, she looks like fun too. Even tho its hot its still so gorgeous, that picture. Maybe soon a trip to cool San Francisco?