Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Squam Lake

I took off to Lake Squam
this past week with my buddy
Stephanie. The first thing I
thought of when we arrived
was I had landed in the Parent Trap
movie and I was Haley Mills.


When we got to the
cabin it was a dream come true.
It was the Parent Trap. I loved this movie when i
was 11 years old. My best friend and I saw
this movie over and over at the Plaza theater.
It is the first 45 record I can remember buying,
" Lets get together " , at Patty's Record store.
We performed this song in Louise's backyard
over and over and over...................

We had 4 days to enjoy the 
the grounds of this wonderful camp.
the classes were amazing .the people wonderful.

we even got to see some leaves change color.
This week was only made better
by having gail crosman moore be there.
she and I and steph had a blast together.
it made the week just fly .
I feel so blessed to have had this week.


  1. wow, this sounds fabulous, kathy!!! which classes did you take? everything i've heard about squam is wonderful...

    welcome back!


  2. so glad you guys had such a wonderful time!!!!!!
    <3 xxoo

  3. sooo cool!!!

    that place does look like the camp in the parent trap. what would of been even weirder is if you ran into your long lost twin.