Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fall Weekend

It is fall , so out come the photos that make me feel like its
fall . These were taken in Santa Fe last year .

This stream was a wonderful spot to just sit and
listen to the sound of running water .

One journal page from Lake Squam before
my camera died . I have this journal I bought in Venice
that is going to be my journal of my journey
to Lake Squam . I need to do a lot more
work on this . I had planned to use my camera and my
new pogo printer but the universe had other ideas.
I just love a good mercury in retrograde !

And now for Rowan and my weekend.
We spent the weekend in the mountains
With my art buddies , no Dan to take care of him,
so he got to go along . He had a blast !
My girlfriend steph was babysitting two extra dogs beside
her own two . So it was quite the dog fest .
needless to say , I have one very tired dog .
I am looking forward to a productive week.
I hope you have a great one too.

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