Thursday, September 3, 2009

We spent the weekend in San Francisco 
celebrating our anniversary and Devon & Peter's 
new home . This was the view from our restaurant.
Bridge's seem to be a theme this summer.

We went out to Fort Funston to take Riley
to his favorite beach. I love big naturally 
woven structures . My first thought
was of an artist we saw in Tacoma .
Patrick Dougherty makes amazing sculptures.
This chair was made by someone's hands . 
It is pretty cool , and what you can't see is it
 is surrounded by rocks in the shape of a heart .

I saw this cow driving down the street and made
Peter pull over so I could take a photo for my
friend stephanie . She loves animal prints .
I thought this would make a good journal page.
I wish I could say that it was feeling like fall 
around here but that would be a lie. We are still
cooking hot. I am ready to be cooled off.
I have been working with pmc again . Having lots
of fun making birds , charms and boxes for resin.
well sept a is big birthday month . 
Happy Birthday 
anyone I forgot.


  1. that was so much fun!!! let's do it again this weekend.

  2. Can I come too!!!!!!!!!!

    LOve yoUr pHotOs kaThy!!!!!! LovE yoU toO!!!!!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes!


  3. my favorite thing is that chair - oh, i love that! i like these bridge photos too...

    love to you, kathy, and thank you for the birthday wishes!!


  4. thank you devon, andrea & lynne for all the
    nice compliments .
    i love all 3 of you .