Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Seattle bliss

I was really glad to visit Seattle this weekend .
The weather was wonderful .
Family visit was really good.
I am not always good for
family visits but this one
was wonderful . It even had
a wedding attached to the visits.
we all know that weddings are not always
a happy place to go to.
This wedding was extra good.
Of course the best part for me , is the photo opportunity's.
I found this painted on a wall on Lake Union.
I think this would be great in my journal.
I love this neon sign. If I could only get it home.
Saw this in Fremont / Ballard when I had to
make a u-turn.
Never been inside of Vena's .
I do like the neon .
Found this sign in Ballard .
More wonderful things in Ballard .
I love all the art that they have commissioned .
This was just one of the many art pieces that
was in the center of town.
Seattle is a wealth of art and photo opportunity .
We were on such a tight scheduled that it was hard
to fit all of everything I wanted to do.
I guess that is why I need to go back.
This is one heck of a busy month .
This weekend is San Francisco.
We will be celebrating 39 years of
wedded bliss and Devon & Peter's new home.
I am looking forward to being in my
favorite city .
Have a great weekend .


  1. this is *photo* bliss for me, kathy... beautiful, just beautiful. everything's just so dang cool! i'm smiling that you had a good time.

    have a great time this weekend - i know you will.


  2. thanks lynne . i did have a good time.