Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I finally got the workroom cleaned.
I decided to take photo's
so i could remember what it
looked like when the job was done .

work table 1 .
these are great trays from
crate & barrel.

I pack them up with
beads , silver and stones
and carry them to where
ever I feel like working.

Work station # 2
Bead storage
Book & project storage 

Bead collection

Work station # 3
I do all my raven paintings here.
My display of my sister's ceramic art.
A raven etching bought in Port Townsend.
also a cool  raven in a winged frame
that Andrea gave to me.
It feels really good to have my work
place cleaned . If only it could
stay like that .
I hope everyone has a wonderful
Thanksgiving day.
I know I will .


  1. looks awesome kathy! love your studio!!! can you come and organize mine! LOL

    hope you have a great thanksgiving.... we have so much to be thankful for.... i am very thankful for your friendship and love.....


  2. i love seeing everything kathy... my eyes were smiling at all of your treasures...

    have a beautiful thanksgiving, and i know you will...


  3. thank you lynne and andrea .
    i hope you both have a wonderful
    thanksgiving.i am sooo thankful
    for the both of you and the art
    you bring into my life.

  4. just having a look at your blog going back in time and Love this view of your studio space and all the wonderful photos of where you have been and the art you share thank you Kathy you make good magic!