Saturday, November 21, 2009


Devon and I took a
wonderful drive to
Pt Reyes .
We stopped in Samuel P Taylor park.
I saw this drinking fountain and
thought it was nice how it blended
in with all the redwoods.
I love standing in a redwood
grove and breathing in
that pure oxygen.

I saw this house
with these towers
of albalone shells.
Reminds me of a
totem pole.
Loved this sign.
We did not eat here.
We had a wonderful
dinner at Osteria Stellina
with Sam & Micheal.

We finally made it to
the lighthouse , only
to have it closed.
This was the view from
the parking lot.

Someone else was
enjoying the view too.

This was a wonderful weekend
and the drive to Pt Reyes
was the cherry on top.


  1. thanks for sharing your photos of your trip! looks like you had a wonderful time!!!! love that deer photo! and the abalone totems..... don't they kinda remind you of those bracelets...... the one from steff's class!!!!!!

    love you.... wish you were here!

  2. wow ! you are so right . they do look like
    steff's bracelets . i wish i was there too !

  3. wow, those columns with the shells on them... it's so amazing to me that there are so many creative people, all over the place, doing all kinds of wonderful stuff! all of these photos are gorgeous... (pine cone diner sign might be my favorite)

    thinking of you...