Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Roadside Homes

Found these house's on our 
hunt for wild flowers.
A village of little house's.
Nobody was home. Maybe they 
were all hiding .
 These house's bring back 
memories of being small
and wishing everything 
was my size. I would put
myself to sleep at night
imagining that I lived in a
village that was my size.

                                            It is funny how someone's roadside
                                            art can trigger such a memory.
                                   I have been working on a lot of different
                                  projects these past weeks. none of them seem to
                                  be connected . I told a friend I feel like all my ideas
                                  are swimming up stream together and I am just
                                  waiting for them to breed . I guess when my
                                  guides are ready , they will tell me what to


  1. oh my gosh, i love these. i found some plastic animals at the thrift store yesterday, and it seems like a few of them should be grazing outside these doors... what is it about miniature things?! they're so *enticing*!

    i'm smiling at the thought of you going to sleep imagining a village where everything is your size... that is such a nice thought. : )


    (i just went to visit devon and dan. the internet!)

  2. i just love small things!!! little things just seem to have a bit of magic or something. i would love to live in one of those little houses.

  3. reminds me of my mom's house, she loves birdhouses and paints them all different colors and they are just everywhere....

  4. thank you devon , lynne & jude.
    small things do make me smile.

  5. Wonderful little houses, wonderful find. I love the image of one's idea's going up stream to breed. It is one explanation for the voids in creativity.