Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mountain Fun

I spent last weekend with my art buddy
Stephanie. We had a great time taking
lots of walks. I love this photo , it 
reminds me of a painting.
We walked in this grove of trees.
Do you ever notice how wonderful the air
smells in a grove of trees ?
Here is Steph walking with
the dogs.

Wonderful wildflowers.
Somebody had a lot of fun.
My favorite tree.
This bird is right out the window.
An american gold finch migratiing.

I love this photo of the moon. 

 It was a wonderful weekend.
Rowan and I had a great time.
I am looking forward to our
next art weekend together.


  1. oh! what wonderful pics, kathy! wow, everything is so beautiful... yeah, i have noticed how the air is so fresh in a grove of trees. i stand there and just breath. you favorite tree is SO handsome! those two lower branches that go out farther than the rest... wow...

    i am smiling...

    : ) xo

  2. I love your mtn picts.
    'specially the certain dog one.
    the first one might make a nice painting.