Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Savenger Hunt

Spring in Pasadena

I spent the last 2 weekends going to flea markets .
I have been on a mission to prepare for a class I 
am taking in the end of april . I need old metal hinges 
and knobs , brass chain , stamped metal ... but while
i am there i might as well check out old lace and fabric.

In fact I saw lots of things i could buy . I had to tell myself
Walk away , walk away , walk away ......
This was a cool booth in alameda . When did flea
market booths become so stylized ? Back in the 70's
I used to have a booth at the marin county flea market .
That meant arriving at 5 am to get the same spot every
sunday . It was not very stylish , more like set up a table 
and get your stuff out as fast as you could. It always
amazed me how many people were there waiting for 
us to put our stuff out .
I loved this trim . I would have put this on the
bottom of my pants ! Does anyone remember the
ribbon store in sausalito ? I spent many a day in that
store . I was so sorry when it burned down . They 
opened a new store but it was never the same.
I could not help my self ! and to find 2 of them .
I did not buy these but I enjoyed seeing them.
These were at the rose bowl flea market. 
Both markets were a lot of fun .

It was a great weekend . 
It really does feel like spring 
in california .
Have a great spring where ever you are !

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  1. How fun! I love flea markets, and it looks like you have some wonderful ones near you!