Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring in San Francisco

I had a great weekend in sf with Devon & Peter.
We had good food and lots of fun. Saturday
we drove to mill valley and back to the city .
We went to the park and enjoyed the flowers
blooming . Then went to Fort Miley for the view.
The cherry blossoms were wonderful.
This made the weekend extra special.

The Japanese tea gardens . We did not go in because 
it was late in the day . I use to love to go here when I
was in college . Sometimes I would go by myself between
classes . I lived in mill valley and went to school in SF .
I would go to Golden Gate park and hang out while
I waited for my next class.

On sunday we went to the alameda flea market . 
It was awesome . I saw some great work tables
that I would love to have . Next time when I have
dan and his car with me. 
more photo's later .


  1. gosh great photos. I used to live in Mill Valley too. Sounds like a super trip. Did you go out to any great restaurants?

  2. we did have some great julie . my son in-law had never eaten at Tadich Grill so we did and it is still great . the next night we ate at a new pizza place in glen park , it was good too.