Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Weekend Fun

This weekend was the first time our art 
group was in stephanie's new home . It is 
not far from her old home but now we have
a new view .  This was our sunset.

This is the view from the big window and 
porch .

Nice place to sit and enjoy.

This railing is made out of the ironwood growing on the property.


Some local flora .


This was the moon in the morning .
I had a wonderful weekend just 
soaking it all in . I thought It would 
be a lot harder to leave our art home . 
We had meet there for 10 years .
I got over myself when I found out 
I have my own room . Amazing how 
that works out .
It is the 4th tomorrow and I plan to
just hang out . I hope everyone has a great 4th .


  1. I got over myself when I found out
    I have my own room .
    ha!! yeah, that would me get over just about anything!

    stephanie's place is *gorgeous*... that would also make me get over just about anything...


  2. Your own room!!!!!! now that does make all the difference!

    What a wonderful place Stephanie has. I can only imagine a weekend of arting with your girls in such a beautiful environment.

    Have a great weekend and cant wait to see more.

    Jacky xox