Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wish I Was Here

It is so hot here that i would not mind being cold 
and in wet drizzle . I loved every moment in Paris .
I did not care if it was cold or gray . When you  live
in the land of sunshine you welcome a overcast day .
I have not been able to do anything creative for the
past 2 weeks . It is really what I hate about the heat .
I am actually going to drive my daughter's dog half
way to san francisco just to get out of the heat . Maybe 
spend the night in a beach town . Sometimes you just 
need to take matters in your own hands . So much for
suffering in silence . I hope to get some inspirational
thoughts while riding in the car . 
I hope everyone has a " cool " weather weekend .


  1. It's wet and drizzly here Kathy...wish you were here! We'd have such fun I'm sure.
    I'm heading out shortly to paint with a friend for the morning (her Friday morning group). I love to go along after a week at work, it just relaxes me (and it makes me *do* something!!!).
    I'm off to Paris soon excited. I was there about six years ago and loved it so decided I wanted to visit again.
    My husband, sister and I are heading to London for the Olympics and then 6 nights in Paris and 8 nights in Barcelona!!!! Counting down until the 30th July when we fly out. Will think of you while I'm in Paris (love that photo).

    Enjoy your trip to meet up with your daughter. Sounds lovely a night at a nice beach town with that cool ocean breeze.

    Jacky xox

  2. lol, my friend, i couldn't agree more... sometimes we *do* need to just take matters into our own hands!

    have a great (and cool) trip... : )