Saturday, August 31, 2013



Lake Crescent

Ruby beach

Carin rocks

Carin stacks

 Brown pelican feather

 Lake Quinault Lodge


Sunset on the lake 

i took 2 weeks off from my regular crazy life and went to 
the pacfic northwest . i had not been to this area of kalaloch 
and lake quinault in years . it turned out to be just what i needed .
i also spent time in port townsend and san francisco .
i came home rested and feeling rejuvenated .
crazy was still there when i got back .
next time i will post some pictures i took in port townsend .
i hope everyone has a great weekend.


  1. Hi Kathy! I saw on Spirit Cloth that you mentioned you went to the Northwest so I had to come visit you to see all about your trip.
    We are getting ready to leave for the Northeast (Maine, New England, Upstate New York...etc.,) and I wanted to see what the opposite end of the world is like (in the NW.) It is so beautiful - I can see where you would come back refreshed and inspired. We are planning a trip to Alaska in May and will be starting in San Francisco and heading up the NW passage to Canada to begin a cruise. I am now so excited to see this wonderful place you have visited - this beautiful, pristine lake. Thanks for sharing your journey. Welcome home!

  2. hello kathy. had to come and visit your blog to see larger pictures of your trip. i must look this place up to take am a roadtrip there ourselves.

    i am in awe of the skully all finished and displayed. i have shared it with richard and talked about you lots.

    i see you are dyeing your own fabrics, something i have always wanted to do. brazilwood huh? must look into that too.

    sending you love