Sunday, October 13, 2013

Productive Weekend

I have had my favorite kind of weekend .
do what ever i want . I have had this brazilwood 
forever .  I have no idea what I was waiting for !
I love the colors . They are more plum and magenta
than shown here . I also put together some plaster 
nichos for my shrine for Dia los Muertos .

I love these colors . I am going to try and do 
some over dyeing with woad .


I even got a pot of eucalyptus cooking .
I put some bundles in the pot and these
will stay in here for awhile .
I also had time to try out a recipe 
for thanksgivng dessert .
what a weekend ....
makes it all worth it .


  1. wow, that magenta! i am *so happy* that you had a creative and relaxing weekend!!


  2. Gosh, what beautiful colors! It is nice to keep that dye pot working, and I love the heady smells that come from a pot eucalyptus!