Friday, July 31, 2009

Ahhhhh Fremont bridge

I was in Seattle last week . I was waiting for some friends to have dinner .
I took a stroll and this was my view .
This bridge always makes me smile.

I was lucky to see the bridge open and let a boat through.
Seattle was having a heat wave .
soooo a lot of people were on the water .
My reason for traveling to the pacific northwest was
to take a class with Steff Korsage .
She is truly a master of silver.
I decided she should be called Steff the Sage.
If you get a chance , check out her website .
This was a sheet of silver we etched .

This is a box we made . I cannot believe how much
time it took to make . 3 days all together.
If you are lucky enough to catch steff at a show , buy one.
She sells her work too cheap .
I see her ever year in Tucson . I now have a even greater
appreciation of her wonderful work .
This class took place in Port Townsend in the wonderful
studio of Andrea Guarino-Slemmons .
Thanks Andrea for letting me be a part of this wonderful class.


  1. anytime miss kathy...... always a pleasure having you here! your box came out awesome... whit and I were commenting on how perfect you cut it out and the placement of your pattern! can't wait to see what else you do!


  2. oh, that first photo... such beautiful color... and i feel cooler just looking at it!

    i love the pattern on your box. how big is it?


  3. hi lynne
    thanks . the box is about 2in long and about a inch wide at the top.