Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Rowan & Riley

Rowan and Riley after we picked them up in northern california .
They were about 8 weeks old .
Riley went to live with Devon & Peter.
Rowan came to live with Dan & I .
Rowan hanging out in the kitchen door.
Riley hanging out in the kitchen door .

Here they are thinking about checking out the backyard .
Rowan 2 years
Riley 2 years .
Happy Birthday boys . thanks for all the great laughs you have given us .


  1. Happy Birthday to you both from Towanda! Towanda is also waiting for you guys to get your own facebook page..... come on get with it.......


  2. happy birthday rowan and riley! thanks for being such great people to your parents! have a fantastic day...... hope you get lots of extra treaters today and every day!


  3. They look like bright boys. What breed are they? Happy Birthday!!!

  4. hi jan
    they are australian cattle dogs . very smart and intense . my husband and i are on our 5th one.
    thanks for checking in.

  5. oh,they are sweet! yes, they're so smart... the ranchers around here have them and they amaze me. it's miraculous to me how they know how to do everything!

    happy late birthday rowan and riley!