Saturday, July 11, 2009

Thank You , from the bottom of my Heart

Thank you Lynne for being so generous and giving me an award for my blog .
And thank you to my dear friend Andrea for encouraging me and helping
me to do this blog. This has definitely been a challenge for me to put
my art " out there ". I love just being in the shadows of you 2 greats.
but the most amazing thing is , i am having fun with this blog.
I hope to keep learning how to take photo's of my work and how
to apply them to this blog .
Thank you Lynne & Andrea for all your support and encouragement .
you are loved by me.
ok enough of that ... everyone back to work .


  1. oh my, now i'm getting teary...

    my only words are (still) thank YOU... you are a beautiful, beautiful person my friend, and i am so very grateful for your presence in my life.


  2. i love you my friend.............

    i am so glad you are sharing your art with the world!

    love and hugs........

  3. I'm hoping to see more postings from you, I'm enjoying your work. I keep checking.