Thursday, August 13, 2009


When I visited Italy with my friend Michael
He taught me the art of strolling Italian style.
The photo above was a stroll we took in Bellagio .
Lately I have been doing a different kind of strolling.
I have been strolling my art and the role
it has in my life.
Art has always been the most important thing
in my life. So it is not unusual for me to
spent time thinking about what effect it has on me.
Right now I have myself going in about 10 different
directions . I came to an agreement with myself
today that all this art strolling is going to
come together at some point .
I know it is all connected
to each other . I am just waiting to see
the finished project .
Tomorrow I head back to Seattle with my sister.
My brother's wife's daughter is getting married.
I am thankful the weather seems to be a lot cooler
when I was there in july.
I plan on visiting friends I was not able to see on my last trip.
the best part is to eat good seafood and enjoy
the good coffee.

I spent this week painting some more Alala paintings.
I like to keep a stash so I can give them away
when so moved . This weekend seems like
the perfect opportunity for that.
I am also hoping to get some great photo's .
I hope everyone has a great weekend .
I know I am.

1 comment:

  1. hi kathy,

    i am so behind on my blog checking...

    this top photo is wonderful. i would *love* to stroll there... and i agree about all the art strolling and meandering coming together at some point... i feel it will...

    have a great trip - can it be thursday already?!! the weeks seem to be literally flying by.

    love to you my friend,