Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Nice and Cool

Today actually feels cool around here . It is amazing
how my whole personality changes in cooler weather.
I took this photo in Andover Ma. We would never
have a photo op like this here.
I really miss not having a garden to grow sugar
pumpkins . Thank goodness for farmer's markets.
Fall always makes me think of acorns.
This beauty was in Italy.
These are acorn's I have collected.
The real thing from New Hampshire & Italy,
Glass from Kim Fields , and brass from Gail Crosman Moore .
I love carrying a acorn in my pocket .
Fall means work for me. Lots of creations needing
to be created . I will be happy when it slows down.
I am very thankful that I am still able to come
up with new ideas. Every year I doubt myself ,
then I sit down at my work table and look
at all the things I have made or collected
and the ideas just start to flow. The only
draw back  is , I start thinking of a 100 other
things I want to make that has nothing to
do with what I am suppose to be doing . I wonder
if anyone else has that happen to them ?
This weekend I head to the mountains
with my art group. This is my favorite weekend.
We make "Day of the Dead "shrines.
I will post our projects next week.
Have a great Halloween and grave cleaning weekend !

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