Monday, November 2, 2009

All Souls Day

This is the Altar we created this weekend
with the shrines we made. I made my mine to
honor my father . I have found making these
shrines each year is a great way to release
grief and remember the people or animal who
is no longer with us.
This shrine was made to honor stephanie's
dog lou . She had been an active member
of our art group since it's beginning.
She will be greatly missed
This shrine was mine .

This was one stephanie made.
This is the one sandy made .

I hope everyone had a great weekend .
I will be back with more photo's of my
altar . I still have work to do on mine.


  1. Your shrines are beautiful. I think I too will make some next year x

  2. kathy, i love yours!! i love them all, but oh i so love the ghost with alala on its head... the photo of your dad reminds me of mine... did your dad like the out of doors? mine sure did.

    i've been thinking about you. need (want) to write...


  3. kathy they are all so awesome! i love the ghost with alala! and stephanie's with the 3D skull is "to die for"! and you know i love everything sandy makes...... and the shrine for lou is so special....... made me think of totem's shrine.......
    looking forward to seeing more photos as you continue to work on yours.....

    miss you....